Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hi Eveyone

Just an update as to what's been gonig on since Stylle last posted anything.

It's a little cooler, at least now it's in the upper 80's and not the 90's, but it's still too warm to do much baking - I don't thnk this air conditioner will be here next year, MOM isn't pleased with how it's NOT keeping the house cool. You still have to get up very early to be able to do anything inside before you get run out by the heat. I found a place on the floor where the a/c blows onto it and makes it nice and cool and THAT'S where I stay. ( I don't even let Stylle or Chloe there ).

Hopefully, it will cool off more so we can start baking again - Chloe found our ( mine and Stylle's ) stash of cookies and has been trying to get to them - she can be such a PAIN!!!

Will post later,

DeeDee and Stylle