Saturday, July 08, 2006


MOM said that we should post the menu here so everyone could see it , along with our contact email address so they can order some gooood cookies, so here goes ...

regular ( $ 5.00 for an 8 ounce bag )

Here Chickie - Chickie
The Classic ( similar to milk bones but better )
Good Boy

Special Order

Cake - square or loaf style $ 12.00
Muffins - 6 for $ 5.50 or 12 for $ 10.00
Party Mix - $ 5.00 for an 8 ouince bag
Show bait - $ 15.00 for an 8 ounce bag ( must be shipped frozen )
Liver - type cookies
Graham cracker with liver bits cookies
Rosie's bagels - 6 for $ 5.50 or 12 for $ 10.00
Catcher's danish rolls - 4 for $ 5.50 or 8 for $ 10.00.

Hope you see something you think you're kid will like and order some soon. Our contact email is :
DeeDee and Stylle

intro pix - finally

Well, as you can see, MOM finally got the picture of us on the blog. AGAIN, the beautiful black lady on the left is DeeDee, the brash young upstart in the center is Chloe, and the gorgeous blonde on the right is me, Stylle. We look forward to working with you to make wonderfully tasty cookies for your 4-legged kids!!!
DeeDee and Stylle

intro pix - finally

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Well, MOM did it this time ... when SHE tried to put a picture of us on the page, it didn't work, so we will be working on that along with the cookies. Hope to have the intro picture up soon. Hang in there, we are worth looking at.
DeeDee and Stylle

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Intro picture

This is Stylle again and I'd like to introduce you to a couple of our company employees.
On the left is a beautiful black Labrador named DeeDee , in the center is our newest member, Chloe, and that's me , the gorgeous blonde Labrador on the right.
We are waiting to hear from you and are anxious to please you.
Until later,
DeeDee and Stylle


My name is Stylle, and I'm here with DeeDee, and we'd like to introduce you to JUST MY STYLLE TREATS. We are Labrador retrievers and we like our treats but MOM always complained about the preservatives ( whatever those are ) in the ones SHE bought at the store, so we asked HER if there wasn't a way SHE could help us make some good treats without preservatives in them and JUST MY STYLLE was born.
Of course, we help MOM make the goodies ( altho SHE says we make more of a mess than help ... it's the thought that counts,Right?! ) We are a home-based doggie treat company and our treats have NO PRESERVASTIVES in them.
Every month we will include, in every order, a new treat for you to try. The new treat will appear as a star-shaped cookie and will be 6 included.
Also, when your mom or dad introduces a new parent to our treats and they place an order using your name as referring them, YOUR mom or dad will get a $ 3.00 discount on your total order !!! That's like getting FREE COOKIES!!!
Oh,MOM says we need to tell you about our quality control group : they consist of Vinnie, Maggie, Rosie, Catcher , us ( of course ), and our newest member, Chloe. We check EVERY treat we make and give it a " Tails-Up " rating, so you can be assured when it leaves here it has no less than a " 4 Tails-Up " rating.
So, hurry and email us for your menu and get some goodies ... you won't be sorry.
DeeDee and Stylle