Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm taking a few minutes now from baking to drop a few lines.

It's turkey day and we had a nice meal of potaotes, baked chicken and creamed corn. MOM and I worked together in the kitchen to fix it . It's kinda hard to do much baking/cooking when Chloe is around - she has the tendency to get in the way ( and she thinks she's helping ), but MOM and I finally got the meal done. I do wish we had some turkey bu MOM said we can't because Chloe is allergic to it ( how can someone be allergic to something that tastes so good, I'll never understand ) so we had chicken. Oh well, it was still good.

Chloe has been driving me nuts with going outside this week. MOM fixed the back fence so Chloe could go out without being tied out. At least with the fence being up, Chloe isn't able to wrap that tie-out around me ( she did that every time she was near me and it hurt ). But she still wants to go out all the time - whether she does anything or not, so I spend most of my time lying on the deck sleeping and ignoring the little upstart.

Well, it's time to think about fixing something for supper ... wonder if I can talk MOM into fixing a turkey sandwich and giving me some of it ???

Hey,MOM ...

Gotta go.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hello All,

I realize it's been quite a while since I wrote anything but I've been busy watching Chloe ( she IS a handful ) and trying out new recipes for doggie treats.

It's been hard work since DeeDee isn't here to help but I'm working every day to get things up and running again. I did take some time off after DeeDee passed to spend some time with MOM and Chloe, and now I'm ready to get back to work.

I plan to have more cookies and treats ready for the new year ( I'm not sure I can get much ready for Christmas this year ) and hope to be in full swing by Valentine's Day - have I got some great cookies/cakes for you to see.

Well, better get back to the kitchen and continue working on the goodies. Come back real soon and see what I've done.

'Bye for now,


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Unfortunatley, we lost DeeDee on Sept. 19,2006, to illness and very old age. She would have been 13 if she had made it til Oct.6, but she became sick on Sept 5, and even though she tried her best to rally, it wasn't to be. The doctor came out on the late afternoon of the 19th , and with me, MOM, and Chloe, and the kennel dogs near, she was helped to go to a more peaceful place and was laid to rest beside her friend, Tillie, and her daughter, Dixie, next to the black locust tree at the side yard. The kennel dogs ( Catcher, Rosie and Maggie, her kids from the only time she had babies, and Vinnie, my brother ) howled a song of good-bye to her and Chloe, the coonhound pup, placed a tennis ball on the edge of her grave when MOM was finished.
We will miss her terribly but we know that she is with Grandma, Grandpa, Jynxie, Bailey, Tillie, Shadow,Dixie, and Trouble and that she's having a good time and will meet us when we come to her.
We love you DeeDee,

Monday, September 04, 2006

Well, MOM , Chloe , Stylle , and I have decided to enjoy the Labor Day holiday by lounging on the sofa and watching movies. MOM says this is a holiday and not another excuse to go shopping so , that's what we're going to do.

We will be back to work tomorrow , but until then, enjoy the rest of the Labor Day holiday.

DeeDee and Stylle

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hi Eveyone

Just an update as to what's been gonig on since Stylle last posted anything.

It's a little cooler, at least now it's in the upper 80's and not the 90's, but it's still too warm to do much baking - I don't thnk this air conditioner will be here next year, MOM isn't pleased with how it's NOT keeping the house cool. You still have to get up very early to be able to do anything inside before you get run out by the heat. I found a place on the floor where the a/c blows onto it and makes it nice and cool and THAT'S where I stay. ( I don't even let Stylle or Chloe there ).

Hopefully, it will cool off more so we can start baking again - Chloe found our ( mine and Stylle's ) stash of cookies and has been trying to get to them - she can be such a PAIN!!!

Will post later,

DeeDee and Stylle

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's been so hot that all we've done is lie around in front of the air conditioner and pant. Yesterday it was around 93 and today it's supposed to be 94 but feel like 105. Right now, it's 77 with 90 % humidity and maybe some rain later. DeeDee has to put up with the pup because she can't move fast enough to bite her and the pup doesn't listen to MOM when SHE tells her it's too hot to play. Puppies can be such a pain.
Hopefully, it will cool down soon so we can start baking again, but for right now, we agree with MOM and are not doing anything.
Will let you know how things are going,
DeeDee and Stylle

Sunday, July 23, 2006

MOM and Chloe have been busy fixing up a blog for Chloe and they have invited DeeDee and myself to model some of Chloe's sweaters and coats in the near future. That sounds like fun ( and MOM said since we let Chloe help taste test our cookies it was only right that we be allowed to help model the chlothes, too ). I can't wait to see what MOM and CHloe come up with for all of us to model - even DeeDee is getting excited ( or she has to go outside ).
Better go see what MOM and Chloe are up to.
The cookies are doing great. Hurry and place your order your pup will love them.
DeeDee and Stylle